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Historic churches were literally BUILT for acoustics and ours is an
amazing example of it, so of course we love to show it off. 
Contact us to book a tour anytime.
Big Blue North Neve 5088
Big Blue North tape machines
Big Blue North control room
Big Blue North live room stages
Big Blue North live room from stage
Big Blue North live room in session
Big Blue North exterior summer
Big Blue North upstairs green room
Big Blue North rumpus room
Big Blue North exterior winter

The 42 by 42 foot live room has 35-foot high fir ceilings and maple floors along with its six original flying buttresses. This architecture helps to generate our signature “big live room” vibe and is ideal for capturing gigantic drum sounds. The space can easily accommodate and enhance anything from a single voice to a 40-piece orchestra or full band.

Looking out onto the live room is the equally amazing 500 square foot control room. It was custom designed by John Storyk who has been an icon in the professional audio and video recording community since 1968 when he designed Electric Lady Studios for Jimi Hendrix in New York City. His unsurpassed technical expertise and attention to the practical side of recording resulted in a perfectly tuned space that is accurate, comfortable and versatile. 

To either side of the control room are two large isolation rooms that can each handle our beautiful baby grand piano or a full drum kit. Designed with band interaction in mind, there is great line of sight from the isolation rooms through the control room and into the live room. There is a third, smaller iso-booth in back out of the line of sight for shy singers or amp isolation.

The centerpiece of the control room is our 32 channel Rupert Neve Designs 5088 Class A discrete analogue console. The 5088 is the culmination of legendary electronics engineer Rupert Neve‘s 50-year career as a designer of classic, high-end audio consoles and analogue circuitry. Flexible, elegant and seriously powerful, the 5088 has the dynamic range, tonal versatility and frequency response needed to make professional records. In other words, it sounds like butter and looks fu%&@!king amazing doing it too.

Just outside the control room is the upstairs green room lounge and kitchenette with never-ending coffee pot, a fridge, microwave and some comfy chairs. There is also a large desk for visiting crew/videographers. 

Last but not least is the downstairs lounge and rumpus room. The 2,000 square feet space includes a bar, dining table for eight, pool table, ping pong table, foosball table, regulation dart board, couches galore and high speed internet. You can also do some limited tracking from this space for a more reflective sound.


We round out the package with some tasty vintage outboard gear, a serious mic closet and MCI JH-24 2″ tape machine with CLASP.

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